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Kremlin spokesman Soloviev presented a gruesome scenario in which Russia targets England with a nuclear-armed hypersonic missile, but leaves the rest of the UK unscathed. Solovyov boasted in his latest televised rant that after the missile strike, Wales and Scotland would become independent while Ireland would be allowed to reunite.

Soloviev went wild in a tirade against the head of the British armed forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin.

He then threatened Britain, saying the UK could be targeted by a strike from the Russian Sarmat hypersonic missile.

Putin’s propagandist told Russia1: “Admiral Tony Radakin… what are you the admiral of? What have you achieved? When did your British guns beat anyone?

“Who have you beaten, and where, Admiral? They’ve completely lost their minds… And they’re lecturing us, the country [we can destroy with] a Sarmat.”

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Another expert, Professor Andrei Sidorov, dean of the Faculty of Global Politics at Moscow State University, argued that it would take more than one Sarmat to wipe out the whole of Britain.

“We won’t touch Scotland. Scotland will be independent,” replied Soloviev.

“Wales have been quiet so far. Wales, too, will be independent. And at Biden’s request, Northern Ireland will unite with Ireland….

“The Union Jack will be over…”

More than two weeks have passed since Russia’s last major territorial gain in the war in Ukraine, capturing the eastern Ukrainian town of Lysychansk.

Ukraine’s army general staff said on Tuesday that forces in Moscow were busy reinforcing their positions in recently seized territory and launching limited but unsuccessful ground assaults, albeit in many different locations.

A senior Russian security official said Tuesday that peace in Ukraine, when it does come, will be on Moscow’s terms, as Russian forces strike targets across the country with missiles even as their ground offensive stutters.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president who is now deputy head of its Security Council, however, struck a defiant tone, signaling that Moscow was ready to do whatever it took to win.

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“Russia will achieve all its goals. There will be peace – on our terms,” ​​Medvedev said.

He has grown increasingly belligerent in his criticism of the West since Russia sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine on Feb. 24 in what it calls a “special military operation” to ensure its own security.

The Kremlin says there is no time limit to a conflict that Ukraine and the West have called an unprovoked war of aggression aimed at seizing territory and erasing Ukrainian identity .

Britain’s Ministry of Defence, which supports Kyiv, said on Thursday it believed Russian forces were unable to advance rapidly due to lack of personnel.

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