Russia sanctions 32 New Zealand citizens in retaliation and denounces “Russophobic agenda”


In retaliation for sanctions imposed on Russian citizens by the New Zealand government, the Kremlin on Saturday announced sanctions against 32 New Zealand citizens, including officials from the country’s armed forces command and journalists. In a July 30 statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it resorted to the measure in response to sanctions imposed by the New Zealand government on forty-four Moscow entities that allegedly “financed or fueled the Russian war”. . in Ukraine.”

“In response to New Zealand government sanctions that apply to a growing number of Russian citizens – both government officials and their families, as well as business and media representatives – 32 New Zealanders among the chiefs municipal bodies, law enforcement agencies and journalists who form the Russophobic agenda in this country have been added to the national arrest list,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in an official statement.

In a punitive measure, the government of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had approved the regulations which also designated individuals and entities from Belarus, Moscow’s staunch ally, including President Lukashenko in the list of penalties. Ardern’s administration announced it was also extending the new bans to Belarusians already sanctioned for aiding Moscow in its all-out invasion of Ukraine. Wellington also sanctioned what he described as Russia’s “misinformation and malicious cyber actors”.

New Zealand introduces travel bans, restricts Moscow-owned planes or ships

Under the Russia Sanctions Act, New Zealand had introduced travel bans and barred any planes or ships belonging to Moscow-sanctioned entities from entering sovereign waters near Wellington. It also carried out asset freezes and bans on dealing with Moscow securities and services. New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta also sanctioned Russia’s largest state gas company, Gazprom, prompting Moscow to sanction at least 130 New Zealand citizens, including the New Zealand Prime Minister. Jacinda Ardern.

“As part of official Wellington’s introduction of unprecedented sanctions that have affected key leaders of the Russian Federation and a significant portion of parliamentarians, members of the New Zealand government and parliamentarians are included in the ‘list “Russian black on the basis of reciprocity”, announced the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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