Russia replaces general in charge of war in Ukraine with veteran who served in Syria


A Western official confirmed that Russia had reorganized command of its operations in Ukraine, with the new general having extensive combat operations experience in Syria.

Addressing the BBCthe source said the commander of Russia’s Southern Military District, General Alexander Dvornikov, is now leading the invasion.

“This particular commander has extensive operational experience of Russian operations in Syria. So we expect the overall command and control to improve,” the source told Reuters. BBC.

The new integration was done with the aim of improving coordination between different units, as Russian groups were previously organized and commanded separately, the official said.

Russia has so far struggled to achieve its war aims 44 days into the invasion, failing to capture major cities such as kyiv before finally turning to the Donbass region in the east.

The official said Russian tactics had seen them held back by fewer Ukrainian units acting smarter and with surprise – despite Russia being considered to have a “substantial” strength of just under 100 tactical groups operational battalions,

“Unless Russia is able to change tactics, it is very difficult to see how it will succeed even in these limited goals that it has set for itself,” the official said.

Added official political imperatives could take precedence over military priorities as Russia pushes to achieve some kind of success before May 9, when the country marks victory in World War II.

General Dvornikov will inherit a Russian army that has grown from 125 battalion battlegroups to 100, with significant amounts of brand new equipment left behind when they withdrew from kyiv, including tanks, artillery and armored vehicles of infantry.

After serving as deputy commander of the Eastern Military District, Dvornikov became the Chief of Staff of the Central Military District, serving as acting commander for a month.

In September 2015, he became the first commander of the Russian armed forces in Syria at the start of the Russian military intervention in Syria. Dvornikov was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for leading the Russian military intervention in Syria, and in September 2016 he was appointed Commander of the Southern Military District.

In September 2015, Dvornikov became the first commander of the Russian armed forces in Syria during the Russian military intervention in Syria. On March 17, 2016, he was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation for his leadership.

In July, Dvornikov became the acting commander of the Southern Military District. He was confirmed in office on September 20, 2016. By decree of President Putin, Dvornikov was promoted to the rank of Army General on June 23, 2020.

Published on: Saturday 09 April 2022, 13:58 IST

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