Russia has started mobilizing reserves


With its invasion of Ukraine now targeted and hitting the eastern regions, Russia is sending orders to begin mobilizing its reserve forces, according to reports.

The Russian General Staff reportedly sent orders to military districts to form reserve battalions, according to Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) founder Ruslan Leviev.

About 60-70 groups will be made up of officers, contractors and reservists, RBC-Ukraine reported, citing Michael Naki’s YouTube channel.

The order from the Russian Federation to the General Staff, obtained by Leviev from the CIT, was dated May 11, so the mobilization may have already been underway. The battalions have been ordered by military districts to conduct 30-day training exercises across Russia, according to the report.

The mobilization of these reserve groups is a rotation designed to replace ineffective units already on the ground in Ukraine’s disputed eastern border regions with Russia, without declaring an infusion of forces, according to Leviev.

“Reserve battalions can be formed from officers, contractors who are not yet involved in the war in Ukraine, as well as reservists who have been persuaded to sign a short-term contract,” according to Leviev.

The Ukrainian General Staff was informed of the build-up of reservists by the Russian forces as the “special military operation” refocused its efforts from the central regions and the capital of Ukraine towards the eastern border and the southern Black Sea coastal regions, according to the report. .

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