Russia cutting submarine cables could be an act of war, says British armed forces chief


He also warned that NATO should “prepare for the possibility of diplomacy failing” and that any further Russian aggression against Ukraine would have “significant consequences and a heavy price for Russia”.

Speaking after a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, Liz Truss warned: “Russia’s military build-up on the border with Ukraine and in illegally annexed Crimea is unacceptable. There is no justification for his aggressive and unprovoked stance towards Ukraine. We stand with our NATO allies in urging Russia to end its malicious activities and to adhere to international agreements to which it has freely subscribed.

“We will defend democracy in Eastern Europe and around the world. Our support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is unwavering. We are clear that any Russian incursion would be a massive strategic mistake, for which there would be a severe cost. “

Ministers of the 30-member alliance were reflecting on Russia’s security offer on Friday to end the Ukraine standoff.

In order to end the stalemate, Moscow asserted that NATO must agree to end plans to expand its membership, not just with Ukraine, and end military exercises near the borders of the United States. Russia.

Mr Putin denies having any new plans to invade Ukraine, but wants legal guarantees that would prevent the deployment of NATO weapons near Russia’s borders.

In response to Russian demands, diplomats from the military alliance will refuse to stop expansion plans to countries like Finland and Sweden, due to the “open door policy” of the government treaty. NATO.

Before a deal can be negotiated, they will demand that Moscow comply with a number of international agreements, including one that prevents it from deploying short-range nuclear missiles near NATO members.

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