Russia approaches homeless to enlist in army, replenish troops amid war: report


In an effort to replenish troops to deploy for the “special military operation” declared by President Vladimir Putin in February, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) is trying to entice homeless people to enlist in the army, said a source from the Russian NGO Homeless. charity center, Nochlezhka, told Ukrainian newspaper Bumaga. As the Russian offensive in Ukraine dragged on for several months, Russian military forces suffered heavy troop losses. And so they stepped up their efforts to get military recruits from the homeless shelter located in Obukhov, a municipal okrug (territory) in the Nevsky district of the federal city of St. Petersburg, Bumaga reported.

According to the charity’s press service, officials from Moscow’s Frunzensky district administration visited the Nochlezhka homeless shelter. A representative of the NGO told the newspaper that they had attempted to speak to beneficiaries of the organization and left enlistment forms as well as leaflets containing information on contract service for military recruitment. “The manager of the shelter did not allow this to happen and asked the managers to speak to management,” according to the newspaper.

Credit: Telegram/Бумага

A spokeswoman for the charity, Tatyana Bazhenova, stressed that the center could not facilitate the military recruitment of detainees. “We have always been outside of religion and politics, so we cannot help in this matter,” she stressed. But representatives of the Frunzensky district administration again tried to contact Nochlezhka by e-mail. “Their main goal is ‘to convey information about contract service to everyone,’ the Frunzensky district administration said in a statement to Rotunda.

Prisoners urged to enlist in exchange for amnesty

In its rigorous attempt to alleviate the shortage of manpower in the army, Moscow had also offered prisoners of the penal colony of Saint Petersburg to enlist in exchange for an amnesty, told The Associated. Press a woman whose boyfriend is serving time in a detention center. on condition of anonymity. The men in uniform who arrived in the penal colonies asked the prisoners to fight alongside the Russian army in Ukraine.

Alexei Tabalov, a lawyer who heads the conscript school’s legal aid group, said hundreds of Russian soldiers had tried to leave the army because of the war. “We are seeing a huge exodus of people who want to leave the war zone – those who have served for a long time and those who signed a contract just recently,” Tabalov said.

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