Russia and Belarus risk suspension of biathlon for violation of “humanitarian obligations”


The Russian-Ukrainian war continues to trouble Russian athletes, with the International Biathlon Union (IBU) being the latest sports body to suspend the national federations of Russia (RBU) and Belarus (BiFB) with immediate effect. The suspense comes with the two countries involved in the war against Ukraine.

IBU suspends Russia and Belarus

The press release issued by the IBU said: “Both federations have breached the humanitarian obligations of member federations under the IBU Constitution. These breaches by RBU and BiFB bring discredit to the IBU and the sport. biathlon, and their active membership would undermine the IBU and its members’ efforts to credibly promote its constitutional principles and purposes”.

The statement further stated: “Furthermore, the EC agreed that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine terminated the activities of the Ukrainian Biathlon Federation, it would be unfair for the national federations of the attacking countries to continue to enjoy full IBU membership rights when their nations disrupted the conduct of sport in Ukraine”.

“The EC will follow developments in this situation very closely and will review this decision should circumstances change. The decision will also be reviewed by the 2022 IBU Congress at its meeting on 15-19 September 2022, if a has not been waived by the IBU Board before”.

According to the report published by, the IBU board decided to suspend its Russian and Belarusian members a week after the end of the World Cup season. The decisions, which can be challenged before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, will be reviewed “if circumstances change” in Ukraine, and at the IBU Congress in September, the governing body said.

Ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s launch of a “special operation” in Ukraine in late February, several sports organizations have banned Russian athletes from participating in the events. The Russian-Ukrainian war has now been going on for 35 days and millions of Ukrainians have fled the country to safety. While the majority of the West appears to support Ukraine, the media quoted a diplomatic note from the Ukrainian Embassy in Delhi to the Nepalese government.

Latest development in Russia Ukrainian War

In the latest intelligence report released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Wednesday, the 35th day of the Russo-Ukrainian war, Kyiv claimed: “The enemy continues to rob houses and apartments of local residents, detain pro-Ukrainian militants and employees of Ukrainian state authorities. .”

“According to available information, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to have problems in assembling units as a personal composition,” he also said.

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