Russia accuses Ukraine of airstrikes on civilian targets


Russian authorities accused the Ukrainians of carrying out an airstrike on the Russian village of Klimovo on Thursday, injuring seven civilians.

The Russian Investigative Committee said in a statement that two Ukrainian attack helicopters hit the village, about 13 km from the border.

“Moving at low height, they produced at least 6 airstrikes on residential buildings,” the statement said, adding that seven people, including a toddler, were injured in the strike.

The Kremlin said the helicopters “illegally invaded the airspace of the Russian Federation“, one of several alleged cross-border incursions by the Russians since their illegal invasion of Ukraine in February.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry did not immediately comment on the allegations.

Over the past month, Ukrainian officials have denied various cross-border outings, including an apparent strike on a fuel depot outside Belgorod, Russia.

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Russia has accused Ukraine of carrying out an airstrike on civilian targets in the village of Klimovo.
Sputnik via AP
Russia Ukraine War
Russia has accused Ukraine of six airstrikes on residential buildings.
Sputnik via AP
Ukraine Russia War
Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has not commented on the allegations.
Sputnik via AP

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