Retreating Russian troops arm Ukraine with modern T-90 tanks as Putin’s army unearths 60-year-old armor, Ukrainian military says



“Thanks to the generosity of the Russian Federation, the first batch of new T-90A tanks entered service with #UAarmy,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said. said on social media on Thursday, mockingly calling the move particularly generous because, at the same time, the Ruscists are launching a program to restore 60-year-old T-62 tanks for their own armed forces.

Russia has touted the T-90, a modern weapon born out of a modernization program of the T-72 in the late years of the Soviet Union that has been repeatedly improved over time, as one of most advanced tanks in its arsenal, but even with capable tanks, Russian armored forces faced setbacks and substantial losses in Ukraine.

Russian forces lost a lot of modern equipment throughout the devastating war in Ukraine and were forced to withdraw old and obsolete tanks as the T-62 referenced by the Ukrainian military from storage. The T-62 is a Soviet-era main battle tank that was eventually replaced by the T-72 and can be seen in some museums.

According to an open source intelligence analysis by Oryx, Russia, at Wednesday, has lost more than 7,000 vehicles and other forms of heavy weaponry like artillery pieces and missile systems since its forces invaded Ukraine in late February. This designation understand Russian equipment that has been destroyed, damaged, captured or abandoned.

Specifically, Russia lost over 1,320 tanks of which over 500 were captured or abandoned. Losses include nearly 30 T-90A and T-90M tanks.

Some observers have speculated that the capture of the T-90M, which is an upgraded version of the T-90A, could help provide Ukraine and NATO countries with valuable information in Russia’s advanced military technology, which Russian President Vladimir Putin would likely have preferred to remain in Russian hands.

Tanks are not the only weapons Russian forces are leaving behind in the face of Ukrainian advances. Moscow troops abandoned mountains of high value weaponrycrushing Ukraine’s ability to manipulate everything.

And in addition to what Ukrainian forces have recovered from Russian troops, Kyiv also continues to receive military assistance and security programs from Western countries. consternation of the Kremlin, which continues to threaten against support.

The inability of the Russian military to destroy some of its vehicles or heavy armament when its forces withdraw is another sign of dysfunction on the battlefield and seems to suggest that there are either few or no procedures in place. place, or that they had to flee quickly and did not have time to neutralize the equipment.

The British Ministry of Defense said last month that the way Russian forces withdrew appeared to vary.

“Some units withdrew in relatively good order and under control, while others fled in apparent panic,” he wrote in a statement. update.

The withdrawal of Russian forces from key positions has been a relatively common theme since early September, when Ukrainian forces launched counteroffensives along the eastern and southern fronts of the war. Moscow’s military setbacks forced Russian President Vladimir Putin to take several escalating measures, including partial military mobilization and even nuclear threats.

The past few days have been particularly eventful as Russian forces have launched several suicide missile and drone attacks on targets across Ukraine, including towns far from the front lines. The United States and its NATO allies are now rush to provide Ukraine with air defense systems.

“Ukraine is not asking for soldiers from any other country. Ukrainians are ready to fight for themselves. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, after a meeting. in Brussels with American allies and partners.

“As President Biden and many other national leaders have said, we will do everything we can for as long as we can, and we will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.” he added.

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