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Global Firepower ranks Putin’s military manpower second in the world, behind the United States alone. Britain, however, would only have the eighth largest military force in the world.

In its total number of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and more, Russia overtakes the United Kingdom several times.

Moscow has an estimated workforce of around 900,000-1,350,000, much larger than London’s (just under 200,000).

Once world famous for its naval strength, the UK now has less than 80 ships.

Russia has more than 600.

Low stocks also mean the UK recently had to buy howitzers from a third party to send to Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace also admitted that Western countries’ ammunition stockpiles “are insufficient for the threats we face”.

The country’s ammunition ran out after just eight days during a mock war last year.

Britain’s defense spending is expected to reach 2.3% of GDP this year following increased spending in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Earlier this month, an official told the Washington Post: “There will come a time when the tiny progress Russia has made will become unsustainable in light of the costs and they will need a significant pause to regenerate their capabilities.

Turning to the more limited forces in the West, the Financial Times this week pointed out that the military expenditures of NATO members as a whole were far higher than those of Russia, amounting to around 1.1 trillion dollars.

He added, however: “Even so, much of NATO’s spending has been on advanced systems, such as fighter jets, which have not been deployed by the West in this conflict.

“Much of Western defense over the past 20 years has been geared towards countering insurgencies in the Middle East rather than being ready for heavy tank and artillery battles like those in Ukraine.”

This comes amid fears that the current conflict could spill over into Ukraine.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the new head of the British army, said last month that “we are the generation which must prepare the army to fight again in Europe”.

NATO has also launched plans to massively increase the size of its instant reaction forces around the world.

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