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Targets of Putin’s forces, including military bases, ammunition depots, aircraft and transportation facilities, have exploded in recent days in multiple attacks.

Last week, Britain announced it would provide additional heavy artillery to help Ukraine defend against Russian invasion.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement on Tuesday that Russia’s overall invasion strategy was undermined, following the devastating strikes in Crimea.

Part of the intelligence update read, “The currently limited effectiveness of the Dark Fleet undermines Russia’s overall invasion strategy, in part because the amphibious threat against Odessa has now been largely neutralized.

“That means Ukraine can divert resources to put pressure on Russian ground forces elsewhere.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed in an interview that Putin feared for his life and that his only threat came from within Russia.

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He told the Washington Post: “[Putin] has no other fear than fear for his life. And his life depends on whether or not he is threatened by his internal population. Nothing else threatens him.”

Mr Zelensky suggested that the sanctions currently imposed by the West are “weak” and ineffective as long as there is not “a complete embargo on energy supplies” and the borders with Russia are not closed .

He claimed that Putin could only be defeated if the Russian people put immense pressure on him after seeing significant changes in his life due to his isolation from the rest of the world.

He said: “I said from the start that I think the most important sanctions are to close the borders because they take away someone else’s territory.

“Well, let them live in their own world until they change their philosophy. So countries close borders and embargo energy resources.

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“My personal opinion is that everything else is weaker. There is no complete embargo on energy supplies and the borders are not closed.”

He said of the Russian people: “They say, ‘Oh, we had nothing to do with it and not everyone can take responsibility for it.’ They can.

“They elected these people and now they’re not fighting them, they’re not arguing with them or yelling at them.

“Russians who publicly oppose the war are isolated cases and these people are in prison.

“But let the Russians go home, let everyone go to Russia. You want this isolation, don’t you? You’re telling the whole world that the whole world will live by your rules. Alright, so go- there and live there. […] This is the only way to influence Putin.”

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