Protests in Kiev in connection with Putin’s upcoming visit to temporarily occupied Crimea not coordinated with Ukraine


Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expresses “strong protest” over forthcoming uncoordinated visit with Ukraine by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to temporarily occupied Ukrainian territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

The corresponding statement from the Foreign Ministry was released on Thursday.

“This trip takes place despite repeated warnings from Ukraine. We consider this visit, as well as other trips by Russian officials to the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula which have not been agreed with the Ukrainian side, as a violation. flagrant by Russia of the sovereignty of Ukraine, the norms of international law, the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the obligations of Russia under treaties, the parties of which are Ukraine and the Russian Federation Russia, ”the statement read.

He noted that the Russian side must return to respecting its international legal obligations.

“The Russian Federation, as an occupying state, has the opportunity to express genuine concern for the residents of temporarily occupied Crimea: to stop unprecedented human rights violations, in particular political repression, kidnappings and conflicts to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, ”the Foreign Ministry said.

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