Peace deal with Russia ‘is too much of a compromise’, kyiv says


A member of President Zelenskyy’s inner circle, in a confidential conversation with Ukrainska Pravda, admitted that a peace deal with Russia would be “too much compromise” now after the escalating atrocities that have been inflicted on civilians and military forces by Russia.

“If on the first day of the war we had been allowed to sign a version of the peace agreement like the one we have now, we would have done so without a second thought. But now the agreement seems too much of a compromise,” the Ukrainian official, who did not choose to be identified by name, told the newspaper.

“Ukraine’s readiness for some form of tactical surrender in the early hours of the attack gave way to early attempts to outline Russia’s future defeat,” he claimed. The newspaper reports that the member described how Russian President Vladimir Putin had to conquer Ukraine in 72 hours, and the Ukrainian military had exactly that time to surrender to Russia’s demands.

This was the starting point of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“So you understand, Zelenskyy received the first offer to leave Ukraine and form a government in exile before the full-scale war. This offer was sincerely made to the president at the Munich conference. And they said that it was better [for Zelenskyy] not to return to Ukraine,” a member of the delegation in Munich told Ukrainska Pravda, although on condition of anonymity. Zelenskyy was also asked to choose Warsaw, or London, or any other place for his “residence.” .

Putin already had 120 strike battalion tactical groups gathered around Ukraine at the time. “At first we did not know the exact plans of the Russian Federation. But when we seized the staff documents of the dead Russian commanders near kyiv, we understood everything. Everything was noted there – when and where the particular group should be, and the elite paratroopers had to clear the government district in Kyiv within 72 hours. The same 72 hours that all our partners had told us about,” said one of the main “security officers” of Zelenskyy to the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper.

The first phase of Putin’s plan failed, the official said. The blitzkrieg of the “second largest army in the world” failed. But the Russian president thinks he has enough strength to force Ukraine to surrender. “We cleaned up all the nonsense about ‘denazification’, ‘demilitarization’, Russian language, etc. We noted there that Ukraine was not ready to join NATO,” the said official said, indicating that the peace deal would be Russia’s deal. own terms. And that it is also a question of knowing who would be the guarantor of security for Ukraine.

“Ukraine had to figure out for itself the answer to the fateful question: how prepared is the West to stand with Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia?” the official interviewed in the report.

Report/Ukrainska Pravda

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