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Serhiy Khlan, a local deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, said on August 22 that “the Russian invaders are organizing a crossing using barges near the Antonivsky bridge in Kherson.” Posted on Facebook on August 22.

In the message, he added: “I wonder what kind of technical construction the occupants are organizing to replace the Antonivsky bridge. Barges are towed along the Dnipro; something is being installed. Will there be an official opening? Well, with fireworks. Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In a commentary for Apostroph TV, he noted that the invaders are pulling barges along the Dnipro River and “raising something” from them – they’re doing it just below the Antonivsky Bridge. He suggested that the barges might be secured to the bridge piers. However, at the bottom of the Dnipro there is a strong current, and movement in this way along this structure, which they climb, is possible only for pedestrians, but not for equipment or even cars.

Khlan also reported that it was impossible to build a full-fledged pontoon there, precisely because of the creek. Therefore, the enemy moves equipment on sections of a pontoon, which he uses as rafts moved with the help of powerful boats on the sides. However, with such logistics, it takes more than two hours to swim from one bank to the other.

“The transport of materiel in this mode does not cover the necessary needs on the right bank…because the armed forces destroy enemy rear reserves every day,” Khlan reported.

He stressed that the Russian occupiers had to restock everything, including food, for a large number of Russian servicemen. Therefore, tactically, the enemy finds himself in a bad position on the right bank of the Dnipro. According to the local MP, since the Russian troops find themselves in a trap, that’s why they are looking for ways to escape and leave Kherson.

After another strike on the Antonivsky Bridge by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the families of Russian servicemen who were in the city at the time began to leave Kherson.

According to Serhiy Khlan, the attempts of the Russian invaders to find a smart solution to replace the destroyed Antonivsky Bridge are hopeless.

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