On VE Day, UK minister points out ‘absurdity’ of Russian generals



Vladimir Putin justified Russia’s military actions by saying they were “denazifying”.


Britain’s defense minister on Monday denounced the “absurdity” of senior Russian military medalists at the annual Victory Day parade in Moscow, highlighted by President Vladimir Putin’s speech.

Putin addressed a massive parade in Moscow’s Red Square for a public holiday celebrating Soviet victory in World War II as Russian armed forces suffered major losses in Ukraine.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, himself a former soldier, was due to deliver a speech at the National Army Museum later on Monday.

“All professional soldiers should be appalled by the behavior of the Russian military,” he will say, according to excerpts released in advance by his department.

“Not only are they engaged in unlawful invasion and war crimes, but their top brass have failed in their own base to the point that they should be court-martialled.”

Putin gave a speech to troops on Monday telling them they were defending the “homeland” in Ukraine.

He justified Russia’s military actions by saying they were “denazifying” the neighboring country.

Wallace said he wanted “to expose the absurdity of the Russian generals – resplendent in their neat parade uniforms and weighed down by their many medals”, claiming that they were “totally complicit in Putin’s misappropriation of the proud history of their ancestors to…repel fascism”. “.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday spoke of his pride in Ukrainians who fought to defeat Nazism, saying he would not allow victory in World War II to be “owned” by the Russians.

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