Offensive in the south: Arestovich announced the losses of the Russian army in the first four days


He announced the liberation of several colonies.

Only in the first four days of the military operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in southern Ukraine, the Russian army lost more than one and a half thousand soldiers killed and wounded.

This was stated by adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine Aleksey Arestovich during a conversation with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin.

He confirmed that the Ukrainian army had liberated Vysokopolye, but it was not the only settlement that had been liberated. First, this information must be reported by the General Staff.

“I know they took three more,” he said.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine also captured more than 10 soldiers from the “DPR” “army”. According to him, the Russians are now trying to keep Novopetrovskoe.

According to Arestovich, it is now a matter of “zeroing” enemy logistics and rear supplies.

He also commented on the words of one of the senior military personnel that the Russian group is in an operational environment.

“The operational environment is always pleasant; it’s about 20,000 Russian troops on the right bank with little possibility of interaction from the mainland. They somehow try to get through the ferry crossings, but it’s all very quickly detected and destroyed under fire controlsaid Arestovitch. .

He also noted that under threat of execution, the invaders barred local residents from crossing from coast to coast. They are afraid of the artillerymen and are in a hurry.

“In 3-4 weeks it will become quite interesting because the rate of expenditure of ammunition and material resources there greatly exceeds all possibilities of supply”, he said.

Arestovich says that now the Russian command is transferring “everything that can be transported” there.

“This grouping needs 4,000 tons of freight a day to feel normal. I don’t think they even let a thousand people pass. he said.

“According to reports, the losses of the Russian army during the first four days of the operation were more than 1,500 killed and wounded. And meanwhile, another two days have passed,” noted the OP adviser.

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