News from Ukraine – Panic as Russian missiles pass CRITICALLY near nuclear power plant as ‘Putin’s serious health deteriorates’



Young Putin was a ‘sneaky’ boy who ‘teared children’s hair during a fight’

VLADIMIR Putin “fought to the end” during snippets at school as a child, former classmates and teachers claim.

The Russian tyrant has been called “devious” and a “troublemaker” by those who knew him as a young man – decades before he went to war in Ukraine.

According to his former buddies, Putin would terrorize his school in the Dzerzhinsky district of Leningrad and “go into a frenzy” if anyone fought him.

His newly graduated teacher, Tamara Chizova, 26, said she was desperate for the “disorganized” youngster who would “certainly cause trouble”, reports the Times.

With a rebellious streak in him, his childhood best friend, Viktor Borisenko, recalled that Putin was the first to join a fight when one broke out.

He said: “He could fight anyone. He had no fear.

“It never occurred to him that the other boy was stronger and could beat him.

“If a big guy offended him, he would jump on him, scratch him, bite him, pull tufts of his hair.

“He wasn’t the strongest in our class, but in a fight he could beat anyone because he would go into a frenzy and fight until the end.”

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