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Vladimir Putin’s troops have made slow and costly progress in their quest to “liberate” Donbass. The Ukrainians forced the Russians to fight for every inch of ground and inflicted heavy casualties on the invading hordes from the east. Some estimates suggest that Putin’s army may have lost more than 35,000 men since hostilities began on February 24.

Although they had gained control of Luhansk province, the Russians now faced a sustained counterattack from the Ukrainian army in the south.

Kyiv launched counter-offensives in Zaporizhzha and Kherson provinces, forcing the exhausted Kremlin army to go on the defensive.

In a recent attempt to stem the counterattack in Zaporizhzha province, Russian artillery units attempted to take over Ukrainian positions with their Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).

However, the unfortunate Russians only managed to strike and destroy their own troops and supplies.

Provincial administration officials reported that Russian forces had destroyed one of their own ammunition dumps, killing one soldier and wounding two.

Announcing the news, Viktor Kovalenko, a former Ukrainian military officer, tweeted: “Russian MLRS in occupied Zaporizhzha province opened friendly fire and destroyed their own field ammunition depot in Neskuchne village, killing 1 and wounding 2 Russian soldiers. Source: the administration of the province.”

The disastrous goal against his side was met with derision from social media users, who were quick to leave their thoughts on the calamitous incident.

BF Randall wrote, “Thus helping to denazirify and demilitarize Ukraine – Hero of the Russian Empire!”

While Mika Perälä noted, “Much friendlier than targeting malls.”

Georg Steinort added: “Well done, keep up the good work!”

This is not the first time that Putin’s army has succeeded in killing its own soldiers.

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“There is going to be a huge battle. I don’t want to scare anyone, everyone understands everything anyway.”

Meanwhile, the deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council told United News in Ukraine on Saturday that people should evacuate despite difficulties in doing so.

Yuriy Sobolevskyi warned those unable to flee that they should be prepared for heavy fighting.

He said: “Those who cannot [leave] in no case should prepare for the fact that they will again need shelter.

“It is necessary to have a supply of water, a certain amount of food to survive the onslaught of our troops.”

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