NATO Member Defense Growth Opportunities Report 2022 – Highly Effective Military Drone Highlights This Area –


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The disruption that the Russian-Ukrainian war has on the international defense system has also accelerated changes in the global defense industry. The war, the most influential event on global defense markets in the past two decades, has caught NATO members in the midst of strategic national security and military build-up planning processes, particularly in the face of the potential threat from China.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has catalyzed the EU to urgently update its strategy. The Russian aggression is described by the Council of the EU at the end of February 2022 as “a tectonic shift in the history of Europe”, from which arose the need for a “quantum leap” in the development of capabilities to act as an “assertive force of protection”, recognizing the gap between military capability and threat.

With broad global implications, the war will directly affect the competitive landscape of the global defense market as well as long-term military build-up demands, needs and plans among NATO members. The growing threat of Russian attribution is changing Europe’s defense budgets and military posture. For the first time since World War II, Germany allowed the export of offensive weapons and removed barriers to the purchase of armed drones.

It is too early to determine how the various reforms will transform the global defense market once the war is over. But some important areas stand out, as for the first time in decades, Eastern and Western weapons systems and concepts of operations are engaged.

This report explores the initial trends impacting NATO member defense markets in light of the changing geopolitical landscape and emerging military doctrines responding to the challenges of the modern battlefield. The research investigates the future directions of the NATO defense market, taking into account the global outlook and initial forecasts based on the expansion of national and multinational defense budgets. Discussions include the prioritization of specific military areas, such as small and mini armed tactical drones and their vast proliferation potential. In addition, the report highlights the esteemed defense efforts of NATO members in areas such as C4ISR, missile defense and AI.

Other main areas of interest for this research are the main platforms used by the Ukrainian armed forces and the harsh implications of the war on the Russian defense industry, as Russia is currently the second largest arms exporter in the world. world with more than $13 billion in revenue in 2021. The analyst expects vast changes in the post-war defense industry competitive landscape and analyzes the early implications of this influential trend.

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

2. What you need to know first

3. Commercial aviation outlook

  • Russia – Commercial airline landscape

  • Russo-Ukrainian War – Impact on Russian commercial aviation

  • Overview of sanctions and impact on Russian aircraft manufacturers

  • Overview of sanctions and impact on major aircraft manufacturers

4. Defense Perspectives

  • European and American military aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 2022

  • Challenges of the Russian armed forces on the battlefield, Russian-Ukrainian war, 2022

  • Russia’s largest arms importers, 2016-2020

  • Ukrainian defense budget

  • Landscape of foreign suppliers for military aid, Ukraine, 2022

  • Growth Drivers for the NATO Defense Market

  • Growth Drivers for NATO Defense Market Discussion

  • Growth Constraints for the NATO Defense Market

  • Growth restrictions in the NATO defense market debate

5. Main analysis of battlefield programs

  • Lead analysis of battlefield programs, land platform

  • Lead analysis of battlefield programs, air platform

6. Analysis of the initial impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the defense market

  • European and NATO defense budgets in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war

  • Russian-Ukrainian War, Military Land Market – Highlights

  • Russian-Ukrainian War, Military Aerospace Market – Highlights

7. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – The severely war-affected Russian defense industry generates new business potential

  • Growth Opportunity 2 – War Catalyzes Eastern European Defense Market as New Blue Ocean

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – A highly efficient military UAV draws attention to this area

  • Growth Opportunity 4 – Big Data’s First War to Increase Cloud Defense Infrastructure Post-War

  • Growth Opportunity 5 – Demand for tactical offensive weapon systems will increase after the war

8. Appendix

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