More than 700 Russians killed in last day alone, Ukrainian army reports



Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated more than 700 invaders on Thursday, bringing the total Russian military death toll in Ukraine to nearly 79,400.

This is according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, reports Ukrinform.

Ukrainian defenders also destroyed 2,814 enemy main battle tanks (+10 over the past day), 5,696 (+14) armored fighting vehicles, 1,817 (+12) artillery systems, 393 (+0 ) multiple rocket launcher systems, 205 (+0) air defense systems, 278 (+0) warplanes, 261 (+1) helicopters, 1,505 (+6) operational and tactical level drones, 399 (+ 0) cruise missiles, 16 (+0) warships/cutters, 4,259 (+17) trucks and tankers, and 159 (+0) units of specialized equipment.

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Incoming data is being verified.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian forces to invade Ukraine on multiple fronts. Russian troops use terrorist methods to wage war, bombing and destroying critical infrastructure and committing massive war crimes. Ukraine has formally filed a complaint against the Russian Federation with the United Nations International Court of Justice in The Hague.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization in Russia, aimed at calling up some 300,000 reservists. On September 30, he signed documents on joining Russia of the pseudo-puppet republics “DPR” and “LPR”, as well as the captured territories of the Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia.

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