Michael Sydney Nacke: what are the reasons for Medvedev’s aggressive statement?



Statements by Dmitry Medvedev cannot be taken seriously and analyzed one way or another. The former President of the Russian Federation does not make any important decisions and finds himself in a position that was invented for him. Now he is mainly engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages. However, it is no coincidence that Medvedev expresses himself so aggressively.

In the new episode of Argument on the UNIEN YouTube channel, journalist and blogger Michael Nacke shared this opinion: “He is no longer someone in the Russian power structure now. That is, he is in the Security Council in a position that was invented especially for him. After ceasing to be Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev mainly deals with drinking – it’s not a big secret – and writing something somewhere, and he has no authority, and he has no influence, formal or informal.

According to Nacke, Medvedev now only shocks the public. And it’s not clear if he does it by accident or on purpose. Despite promoting propaganda stories, the former President of the Russian Federation “runs ahead of the locomotive and tries to be the greatest fascist among fascists.”

“He’s probably been acting like this since the start of the war, for some reason I understand, but that’s my guess. Because in general, for Russian citizens … That is, there is something to compare. There was President Putin, there was President Medvedev. President Putin is the president of war, stagnation and decline. President Medvedev, even though there was a war with Georgia in 2008, under President Medvedev there was a reset […]there was this attempt to build relationships with the West, there was a rejection of such strong militarist rhetoric,” continues the journalist.

According to Nacke, the current Putin is far behind the old Medvedev. The last part of the Russian elites even wanted to see the president in the second round. And against the background of the war in Ukraine, the positions of the Kremlin dictator have weakened. And now Medvedev could be seen as an obvious replacement.

Against this background, the former President of the Russian Federation is trying to “smear” as much as possible and show his agreement with the policy of Russia so that he is not accidentally arrested or eliminated.

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