Live Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine



Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi in Kyiv, Ukraine, on October 19. (Gleb Garanich/Reuters)

The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army said on Thursday that Russia “had no choice but to resort to flight” in the Kherson region.

“Significant efforts of our military are behind the so-called ‘goodwill gesture’ of the enemy”, Valerii Zaluzhnyi said on Twitter.

“Just as the enemy withdrew from Kyiv Oblast and Kharkiv, abandoned Zmiinyi (Serpent) Island, the probable withdrawal from Kherson is the result of our active operations.”

In the past day alone, Zaluzhnyi said Ukraine had liberated hundreds of square kilometers of territory in the push towards the occupied city of Kherson.

“Only the day spent along the Petropavlivka-Novoraisk axis, [Ukrainian] The defense forces advanced 7 km, regained control of 6 settlements, 107 km2 of [Ukrainian] territory,” he said. “Along the Pervomaiske-Kherson axis, we have advanced 7 km, regained control of 6 settlements, the area of ​​the liberated territory is 157 km2.

Zaluzhnyi said that during Ukraine’s counteroffensive against occupied Kherson, his forces “destroyed the logistics lines and the support system, disrupted the enemy’s command and control system”.

Nevertheless, he expressed skepticism about Russia’s voluntary withdrawal from the entire Kherson region west of the Dnipro.

“At this time, we can neither confirm nor deny information about the so-called withdrawal of [Russian] occupying troops from Kherson,” he said. “We continue to carry out offensive operations in accordance with our plan.”

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