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Prime Minister Liz Truss has told party faithful she will lead Britain through ‘stormy days’ during the economic ‘storm’ caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the invasion of Ukraine by the Russia.

The prime minister, in power for a month, sought to rally Tory MPs behind his faltering leadership, at a party conference that descended into acrimony, infighting and confusion.

She said she had three priorities for Britain: “Growth, growth and growth”.

Amid opinion polls showing dwindling support for her government, Truss told delegates she had fought hard to get where she was: “I know how it feels to have your potential rejected by those who think they know better.”

Truss has vowed to ‘get Britain moving’, adding to applause from fellow Tories that she refuses ‘to hand over our great country to decline’.

The speech was interrupted by two protesters with a yellow Greenpeace flag saying, “Who voted for this?

Truss reminded delegates of government intervention to help households and businesses counter rising energy bills, saying it was more important than any similar program in other European countries.

The Prime Minister has insisted she is sticking to plans to “level” UK regions, a policy forged by her predecessor Boris Johnson.

“I know what it’s like to live in a place that doesn’t feel the benefits of economic growth,” Truss said in his opening speech on the final day of the party conference.

“I saw stores closed and hopeless people turning to drugs,” she said. “We need to fund the lagging ones first.”

But she insisted that the answer to Britain’s economic problems was to “make the economic pie bigger so that everyone gets a piece”, by continuing to cut taxes.

Truss’ tax event last month, which featured £45billion in unfunded tax cuts, caused wild swings in the pound and gilt markets, but it went unabashed.

“Not everyone is in favor of change, but everyone will benefit from the results,” she said. “The Conservative Party will always be the party of low taxes.

The Prime Minister might have hoped the conference would be a crowning moment after his election as Conservative leader on September 5; instead, she struggles to get her party under control after days of political chaos.

The Prime Minister was forced on Monday to scrap a plan to scrap the 45p top tax rate by rebel Tory MPs, prompting Home Secretary Suella Braverman to accuse her colleagues of having staged a “coup”. Kemi Badenoch, Commerce Secretary, in turn accused Braverman of using “inflammatory language”.

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