Last war in Ukraine: kyiv faces a dangerous moment, says mayor


We told you this morning about the abandoned shopping center on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland, which has been turned into a temporary relief center to accommodate more refugees in the city.

More than 1.8 million Ukrainians have crossed into Poland since the start of the conflict and the country is feeling the pressure to take in this number of refugees.

The center – which closed six months ago – is designed to accommodate around 400 people initially, but they have the capacity to expand it even further, says the BBC’s Dan Johnson who is there.

It aims to ease the strain on the city’s creaky facilities and resources and alleviate the housing shortage, with refugees having to sleep on the floor of the city’s train station.

Karol Pytlarski of the city’s municipal social welfare center says the refugee center already has 100 people and is likely to be full later today.

“Our main objective is to provide the best possible help to people returning from war, we try to [make them] feel a bit like [they’re at] at home, to give them rest, so that they can get out of it, find themselves and think about the future.”

Image caption: Some of the empty shops in the center have been turned into kitchens…
Image caption: ..a place to sleep..
Image caption: …and a children’s playroom

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