Klitschko says Kiev is preparing for possible eventualities


Ukraine, including its capital Kiev, is preparing for Russian military aggression and is counting on help from Western powers.

This is according to the mayor of Kiev, the former world boxing champion Vitaliy Klitschko, who spoke with the German Bild, reports Ukrinform.

Klitschko said that all over Ukraine people are preparing to face a scenario in which Russian President Vladimir Putin orders his troops to attack Ukraine, as was the case in 2014.

“In my hometown of Kiev, we are preparing for a possible eventuality. As mayor, I am setting up a civil defense. We have intensified the work of recruiting and training reservists,” Klitschko said.

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“As a soldier, I once swore to defend the country, and now I am ready to fight for my homeland,” the politician said.

He called on Germany to realize the gravity of the situation. Putin has amassed more than 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders, posing an unprecedented threat. There are different scenarios on how the Russian army can attack Ukraine, so Ukraine must be ready for everyone, Klitschko stressed.

The mayor of Kiev complained that he constantly hears some politicians claiming that Putin will not come in and that these are just threats and games. This, he noted, recalls the discussions that were observed before the 2014 invasion. At the time, almost all international observers also considered such developments impossible, he recalls.

Ukraine urgently needs international support and military assistance, Klitschko stressed. He doesn’t think Germany could have blocked NATO’s decision to provide Ukraine with defense weapons.

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“The new federal government must understand that aid has never been so important for our country. Ukraine is at the center of Europe! On the border with several EU countries”, urged the mayor.

He stressed that Ukraine does not want war, but seeks peace, also noting that the Ukrainian nation does not want and will not allow Russia to bring the country back to the Soviet empire.

“We are a European country which needs European support more than ever! concluded the mayor of Kiev.

As previously reported, the EU Council of Foreign Ministers met in Brussels, where the main topic on the agenda was the response to the strengthening of Russian forces near the borders of Ukraine.

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