Is the Russian Federation preparing a provocation at the border?


The United States has received information about Russia’s plan to fabricate an excuse to invade Ukraine using a fake video.

Russia preparing a provocation at the border?

In the United States they talked about a new plan of Russian provocations on the border with Ukraine. The US Department of Defense said Russia may release fabricated video of the attack on people that could be used as a pretext to attack Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said such a video could be “a very naturalistic propaganda video that would feature dead bodies and actors portraying mourners, as well as images of destroyed objects.” .

A word behind the propaganda

Previously, US administration officials told reporters that the video could also show military equipment presented as Ukrainian, as well as explosions. “The task of the appearance of such a video — to emphasize the threat to the security of Russia and to justify military operations”, — said a source in Washington.

It is not reported against whom exactly such a “fake attack” may be directed, however, The New York Times writes that it may be either an “attack” on Russian territory or against Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine.

US officials say they will release this information to prevent such a development. “We’re not exactly sure if Russia will go down this route, but we know it’s one of the possibilities being considered,” Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer told MSNBC.

Russian President‘s press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the US statements as follows: “This is not the first such promise. Previously similar was also voiced. But it didn’t work.”

Not the first time

In recent weeks, it is not the first time that American and British officials have mentioned Russia’s intention to create a pretext for the invasion of Ukraine. In all of these cases, it was a highly unusual disclosure of top secret information, but the purpose was always clear: to warn Russia that its plans were being closely watched.

In mid-January, Kirby announced that Moscow had prepared a group of saboteurs to carry out an armed provocation in the east of the country, thus creating a pretext for an invasion. The Russian Embassy in Washington called it a hoax and informational pressure.

Moscow insists that it has no intention of unleashing aggression against Ukraine and that the movement of Russian troops into Russian territory should not worry anyone.

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