Explosions reported in 3 Russian regions bordering Ukraine



(Obtained by CNN)

Despite Russia’s repeated denials they were responsible for any carnage in Bucha, located outside kyiv, Russian military vehicles and forces were seen on a street in Bucha near civilian bodies, new drone video obtained exclusively by CNN shows.

CNN has geotagged and confirmed the authenticity of the videos, which were taken by drone on March 12 and 13. CNN is not naming the person who took the video for security reasons.

A Russian military vehicle is seen sitting at an intersection in the March 13 video. CNN identified three objects in the video — just down the street from the military vehicle — are the same bodies that were seen in the April 1 video and satellite images taken by Maxar Technologies on March 18.

Additional drone video from March 13 shows another Russian military vehicle traveling further up the street, towards the bodies.

In the March 12 video, a number of Russian soldiers are seen around a military vehicle parked in front of a house, just down the street from the bodies. We don’t know what they are doing at home.

CNN asked the Russian Defense Ministry for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

International outrage: Russian officials – President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – have repeatedly claimed that videos and satellite images showing bodies in Bucha are fake.

This drone video is the first evidence to emerge from Bucha that shows Russian vehicles and troops operating in the street, where the bodies were found by Ukrainian forces when they retook the city on April 1.

The images that emerged from Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian forces sparked huge outrage from the international community. It has also prompted some leaders, including US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, to label the atrocities in Bucha as war crimes.

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