Egypt and Russia organize military exercise



Egypt and Russia are hosting the Defenders of Friendship 2021 military exercise, which kicked off in Egypt on October 17.

The exercise will run until October 29. More than 100 Russian airborne soldiers took part in the opening ceremony in Cairo after traveling more than 3,000 km to reach Egypt, the Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) said.

Addressing participants in the joint exercise, the Parachute Commander of the Armed Forces of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Major General Atyf Ibrahim Mady, said: “The cooperation between Russia and Egypt has more than 50 years old and continues to develop productively. . “

In response, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Airborne Forces, Major General Alexei Naumets, said: “Today, for the fifth time, we are launching the joint Russian-Egyptian tactical exercise Defenders of Friendship 2021 On behalf of the Russian contingent, allow me to thank the commander and all the parachute personnel for the warm welcome extended to our delegation. As part of the exercise, the combined parachute unit from the two countries will have to perform a number of difficult tasks, including the practical landing of Russian and Egyptian units behind a fictitious enemy.

In total, more than 500 military personnel are involved in the exercise, as well as Il-76MD planes from the Russian aerospace forces and C-130 Hercules and Chinook transport helicopters from the Egyptian Air Force.

The exercise will focus on the neutralization of armed groups in desert conditions. At the end of the joint exercise, the Russian and Egyptian military will work on the “destruction of groups of disparate bandits, after which, during active raiding operations, they will block the supply channels for ammunition and supplies to the military. illegal armed groups for the border area.

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