During the month, the advancement of the Russian Federation in the Bakhmuta zone does not exceed 10 kilometers – an expert


Defense Express analyst Serhii Zgurets described the current situation in Donbass. Vin also noted that the ZSU had destroyed 10 Rashist army generals in the last 5 months.

An expert wrote a column for “Espresso”.

“The enemy is trying to advance along the Siversk – Soledar – Bakhmut line. The Russians are trying to approach Bakhmut from three directions: from the east, from the south and from the southeast. In general, during the month , the Russian advance in the Bakhmut region does not exceed 10 km.

The Russians are also trying to push back our line of defense around Avdiivka, Marʼїnki and Pisok. Here the occupiers are trying to push our forces out of the occupied Donetsk region in order to reduce the possibility of hitting Russian troops in this area.

The Russians attempt to destroy Piski, Avdiyivku, and Marʼinku using a volley of fire tactics. The Russians have an advantage in the East due to the large number of logistics routes that lead to the territory of Russia. And we don’t always have time to destroy our long distance systems.

The Russians suffer significant losses: in the last 5 months, 10 generals and more than 700 officers of middle and lower ranks have been killed. Видновити таки прасти россиянам не вдастья”, – wrote Zgurets.

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