Defense intelligence: the population of Transnistria refuses to sign contracts with the Russian army and there are massive desertions in the “operational group of troops”


Attempts by the military command of the Russian Federation to launch a massive recruitment campaign for contract workers in Transnistria have not yielded any concrete results. The local population refuses to join the Russian army, even with the promise of high cash payments, social packages and possibly housing. The main reason is the reluctance to participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Especially since many “volunteers” who decided to sign the contract at the beginning of the war are dead or missing.

In addition, in the context of events in Ukraine, there is an increase in the number of cases of desertion from the “Operational Group of Russian Troops in Transnistria”. And due to the limited number of military contingents, the Russians cannot attract the resources needed to search for and return the missing. In addition, there is a mass dismissal from the service after the expiration of the contract.

Currently, the “operational group” has intensified the training of personnel. Taking into account the experience of the hostilities in Ukraine, significant adjustments have been made to the training program. In particular, the number of classes with rear support units and military medical aid has increased.

At the same time, the outdated rear equipment and the technical base do not allow a qualitative improvement in the readiness of the logistics unit. The situation is similar with the training of military doctors – the number of classes has been increased, but outdated approaches to providing first aid on the battlefield, subsequent evacuation and the supply of medical equipment are used. The army receives equipment, medicines, individual bandages and rubber tourniquets exclusively of Soviet design.

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