Defense company delivers last missiles for Strela air defense system to Russian troops


MOSCOW, November 18. / TASS /. Weapons maker Kalashnikov has delivered a batch of 9M333 missiles for the Strela-10M3 short-range mobile surface-to-air missile system to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Kalashnikov press office reported on Thursday.

“The Kalashnikov group has successfully completed the manufacture and delivery of 9M333 surface-to-air missiles to the Russian Defense Ministry as part of the defense procurement plan,” the press office said.

The 9M333 missiles are in operational service with the 9A34M3 and 9A35M3 combat vehicles which are part of the Strela-10M3 surface-to-air missile system, the press office said.

The 9M333 missile is designed to strike low-flying airplanes and helicopters at any time of the year through the use of dropped, parachuted, and modulated optical interference, as well as remotely-controlled aircraft and cruise missiles. The missile is equipped with a versatile homing head warhead operational in photo contrast, infrared and anti-jamming modes, which makes it possible to use the “shoot and forget” principle.

“The missile is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 5,000 km, with targets accelerating to 679 m / s and flying at an altitude of 10 to 3,500 meters,” Kalashnikov’s press office said. .

The 9M333 missile was unveiled to the public during the Army 2020 International Arms Show. In December 2020, the 9M333 surface-to-air missile successfully passed qualification and flight tests and fully confirmed its compliance with customer requirements and in October 2021 its periodic flight tests gave a positive result.

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