Dead Russian soldiers honored at their former school in Crimea


Two young soldiers who died fighting for Russia in Ukraine have been honored with the unveiling of memorial plaques at the school they attended in Crimea.

Relatives, students and local officials held a ceremony on Friday to honor Denis Varavin and Yevgeny Petelko, with young people marching in honor guards with a Russian tricolor and shots fired in the air to pay tribute to the memory of both men. The inscriptions on both plaques read: “True to his oath, he perished while performing his military duty during the Special Military Operation” – the term used by President Vladimir Putin to describe the military campaign of the Russia in Ukraine.

The mother of one of the dead men said she supported Russia’s military goals. “I think that the realization of this operation must go until the end. Our children defend us. So that we can live”, declared Nina Varavina.

Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 in an annexation condemned as illegal by Kyiv and Western governments, and has used the peninsula as a launching pad for its current campaign. Moscow says the ‘special operation’ is needed to defend Russian-speakers in Ukraine from persecution and prevent the West from using Ukraine to threaten Russia – allegations dismissed by Kyiv and the West as unwarranted pretexts. basis for a war of aggression.

Russia says its military campaign in Ukraine will be planned. He did not disclose the extent of his losses.

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