Closing of the “Iron Curtain” in Russia, Ukrainians must leave as soon as possible


Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk called on Ukrainians who are currently staying on the territory of the Russian Federation and decided “to wait for the end of the war” there, to leave at least to the European Union, because they could soon be deprived of such an opportunity.

Currently, the Russian authorities are already setting up filtration camps on the EU border and making it difficult for Ukrainians to cross, the official said, speaking on the issue on the airwaves of a national telethon, as reported by Ukrinform.

“I urge these people to make a decision in favor of Ukraine, and also at least to leave for the territory of the European Union. There is already an ‘iron curtain’ over Russia, only cracks and narrow channels, which will allow Ukrainians and Ukrainian citizens to leave for the territory of the EU. Russia will do everything so that these people who are there also work and serve – they can be mobilized in the Russian army – and then all legal avenues will be cut off,” Vereshchuk urged.

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She said that even in the absence of a passport and other identification documents, Ukrainians can reach the border of Ukraine in any way or the border of Estonia and Latvia, and call 15-48 for assistance.

Commenting on reports that the Russians are already starting to set up filter camps on the Estonian border and are actually preventing Ukrainians seeking to travel to EU territory, the Deputy Prime Minister noted: “Not just at the border with Estonia, unfortunately we are aware of filter camps along the entire Russian border with other states.”

Furthermore, Vereshchuk reported that currently there are indeed cases being reported where people are held in filter camps for weeks. However, there are even more cases when there is a possibility to leave Russia but people do not dare, thinking that in Ukraine they will be considered collaborators. She assured that all Ukrainians who, for various reasons, found themselves in the territory of the aggressive power, will always be able to return to Ukraine and receive government assistance.

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