Civilians must be extracted from Azovstal by hand, says Zelenskyy



The UK has deployed Cavalier Charmaine Cochrane of the Queen’s Royal Hussars to Niinisalo training camp in Finland for a two-week military exercise. On Thursday, an array of military, armored vehicles and equipment form a regular and targeted maneuver in the Finnish garrison. The largest of the combat vehicles seen is the Challenger 2 main battle tank, belonging to the Queen’s Royal Hussars (QRH), which arrived in Finland to take part in Exercise Arrow.

“There is a lot of interest in the vehicle from our Finnish bilateral partner soldiers who were able to meet British Army personnel during an induction day at Niinisalo,” the British Royal Army said in a statement. .

“Being in Finland is fantastic for the regiment,” said Charmaine, who lives in Tidworth, has been in the army for four years and is also a skilled gunner and loader. “This exercise has been planned for six months and we’ve never had Challenger 2 here before, so it’s an exciting prospect.”

Exercise Arrow is a two-week training exercise aimed at developing the Finnish Defense Forces’ ground combat capabilities and the ability to operate joint fires alongside international Allies. The exercise will test and develop mechanized units operating in a multinational environment, with more than 3,000 soldiers in total.

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