British troops on Russian border must pretend to look busy for chief of forces visit



More than 900 British troops, including the Royal Artillery, are based near the Russian border in Estonia, but a source said the visit caused the soldiers to miss “much needed” downtime

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin visits British troops deployed to Estonia at Christmas 2021 as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group

British soldiers operating near Russia have been ordered to appear to be working hard for a whirlwind visit from the new chief of the armed forces.

An embarrassing message leaked by the troops told them to “pretend” to perform vehicle inspections when Admiral Sir Tony Radakin arrived on December 20.

A source told the Sunday Mirror that senior officials wanted to show the Chief of the Defense Staff that Operation Cabrit troops in Estonia were not ending for Christmas.

More than 900 British soldiers, including the Royal Artillery, are based near the Russian border in the Baltic state.

The order stated that Admiral Radakin would visit a hangar with heavy weapons, including the AS90 tracked artillery cannon and the Stormer light tank.

Embarrassing message leaked by troops told them to pretend to conduct vehicle checks

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He added: “Run the vehicles, open all the hatches, etc.” Issue the outer layer of the kit, bring some 601s (user manuals) to pretend you’re doing a commander’s function test (don’t ask!) ”.

The test is designed to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly.

A source said: “This nonsense happens every time a senior officer visits a base. The soldiers do unnecessary chores.

“The officers think they are boosting morale, but the soldiers get confused and lose much needed downtime. “

Sir Tony tweeted after the visit: “I was delighted to meet British Army personnel in Estonia.

“Their presence alongside NATO partners demonstrates the UK’s unwavering commitment to European security. “

A Defense Ministry spokesperson said: “The Chief of the Defense Staff made his first operational visit and was happy to meet the staff and thank them for their work this Christmas. “

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