Auckland woman raises money for Russian army leaves for Moscow



Ovchinnikova broke her silence on Saturday by posting a video at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport to reveal that she had returned “home” to Russia, Things reported.

“Well, what a story. I understand the news, of course, oh but I’m not only brave, but also smart,” Ovchinnikova said in a three-minute video translated from Russian.

“Do you know where I am now? At home in Moscow. I’m very tired after 30 hours of flying with a lot of things to do and a lot of plans that I had already made first.”

Ukrainian-Kiwi Anastasiya Gutorova told AM on Wednesday that what Ovchinnikova was doing was “very concerning.”

“I know that New Zealand’s existing laws prohibiting hate speech are very narrow, but this is clearly part of it because this woman is promoting Russian propaganda to thousands of her followers, which calls for extermination of Ukrainians,” Gutorova told co-host AM Ryan. Bridge.

Gutorova lobbied for the government to declare Russia a terrorist state, which would make Ovchinnikova’s activity illegal, as any activity financially supporting terrorist acts would be a crime.

“The biggest problem here is that she is openly and actively funding terrorism from New Zealand and the only reason she can do that is because the New Zealand government has failed to acknowledge the fact that the campaign of the Russia in Ukraine is terrorism,” she said.

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