Artsakh opposition MPs to meet with leaders of Russian peacekeepers


The opposition parties represented in the parliament of Artsakh, Justice, ARFD and Democratic Party of Artsakh have called on the heads of the Russian peacekeeping forces deployed in Artsakh to meet and get comments on the statement made by Counselor-Consul of the Russian Federation in Armenia Maxim Seleznyov.

The leaders of the Russian peacekeepers are ready to meet and comment on this statement in the coming days.

Earlier, Seleznyov said Russian peacekeepers would not move an inch from the current Lachin corridor until the new route was used.

The high-ranking diplomat pointed out that there are agreements on this subject and that the parties are in direct contact, without explaining which agreements and between whom exactly they are talking.

“Russian blue helmets will only move when the new Lachin corridor is opened. The trilateral declaration (of November 9, 2020) specified the stages, the sequence of stages: first the corridor is completed, before it is comes into force, Russian peacekeepers occupy a five-kilometre corridor around this road,” Seleznyov said.

“Russian blue helmets will not occupy the new corridor until it is operational, and there are agreements on this. The parties are in direct contact, and I assure you that the blue helmets will not move from ‘an inch until the new hallway is in place,’ Maxim said. said Seleznyov.

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