Arms maker Kalashnikov follows through on commitment to deliver AK-12s to Russian troops


MOSCOW, December 27. / TASS /. The Kalashnikov Group has fulfilled the 2021 defense procurement plan for the delivery of the last AK-12 assault rifles to Russian troops, the Kalashnikov press office reported on Monday.

“The Kalashnikov Group has timely fulfilled its commitments to the Russian Defense Ministry for the production and delivery of AK-12 assault rifles in 2021,” the press office said in a statement.

“This work was carried out under a long-term delivery contract for AK-12 assault rifles signed during the Army 2021 international military-technical forum. The processes efficiently organized, the team’s work well coordinated and the high accountability displayed by company personnel helped carry out the defense procurement plan in its entirety and with appropriate quality, ”the statement said.

In 2021, gun maker Kalashnikov deployed tens of thousands of AK-12 advanced assault rifles as part of the defense procurement plan, the press office said.

The timely fulfillment of the contract to deliver AK-12 assault rifles to the Russian Defense Ministry is a top priority for the company, said Vladimir Lepin, CEO of the Kalashnikov Group. “That is why, despite the persistent restrictions due to the precarious epidemiological situation, it was particularly important to maintain the efficiency and the high pace of work,” said the press office, citing the director general.

The Kalashnikov Group is Russia’s largest small arms manufacturer.

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