Another Russian ammunition warehouse explodes in Kherson


Screenshot of the explosion at Nova Khakovka – July 18. (Source Telegram channel NEXTA)

On July 18, the police department of the Nova Khakovka district (Kherson region) confirmed an explosion in a warehouse believed to be a Russian ammunition depot used by the occupiers. Video of the explosion began to appear on social media.

This follows a large-scale explosion in the same area last week. On July 12, the Ukrainian operational command confirmed the destruction of a Russian warehouse containing ammunition.

“According to the results of the fire missions of our rocket and artillery units, the enemy lost 52 militants, rocket launchers, one “Msta-B” howitzer, one mortar, seven units of armored and motorized vehicles and an ammunition warehouse in Nova Kakhovka”, – read the official message.

This is not the first time that a warehouse containing Russian ammunition has exploded in the territories occupied by Russia. The Ukrainian side reports that missiles from the HIMARS system caused the explosions. Ukraine received this new weapon from the United States in June, which allows the Ukrainian army to fire at longer distances.

Ukrainian intelligence is actively working to identify Russian ammunition storage sites, military equipment, weapons storage areas and supply routes for advanced Russian units.

“It is necessary to destroy Russian resources directly on the battlefield and reduce the offensive rhythm of the Russian Federation,” said a representative of the Ukrainian intelligence services, Vadym Skibytskyi.

He noted that the Russian side had already assessed the danger and started moving its warehouses away from the front line. As a result, the transport time for Russian weapons has doubled, which means that they have to double the amount of trucks to maintain the necessary delivery speed.

Over the past few weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have constantly targeted Russian compounds in the Kherson region:

  • On July 7, the operational command of the Ukrainian army reported airstrikes on a concentration of Russian equipment in the area of ​​Davydov Brod and Pravdyny. Russia lost 12 soldiers, a tank, an Msta-B howitzer, an ammunition depot and a drone;
  • On July 8, a strike was reported in Novaya Kakhovk – several Russian activists were injured and equipment destroyed.
  • On July 6, the Russian occupiers were destroyed in the Kherson station area. On the same day, a large-scale fire broke out at an oil depot in occupied Donetsk, which the Russians said had been started by Ukrainian armed forces.

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