Abandoned US military hardware in Afghanistan could hit black market – Russian official – world


MOSCOW, November 1. / TASS /. US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan may appear on the black market, creating problems for the whole world, Federal Military-Technical Cooperation Chief Dmitry Shugayev told the RBC. His interview will be published on Tuesday.

“That the Americans wasted colossal sums of money on arms and other military equipment has become a terrible headache not only for Afghanistan, but for the whole world. To a certain extent, because various terrorist organizations are established there. It should not be excluded that they can get their hands on this arsenal, if they haven’t already, ”said Shugayev.

He also warned that there was a high risk that these weapons would start to be sold in the illegal market.

“In other words, they can surface anywhere in the world. In all likelihood, very unpleasant surprises can befall us. Especially since the equipment the United States has left behind is much more serious than popguns, ”he added. Chougaev warned.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said US troops that withdrew from Afghanistan gave up $ 85 billion in sophisticated weapons. Some mass media earlier mentioned a similar figure in reference to former US President Donald Trump.

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