A secret army of 1,000 Russian agents is spying on the UK, according to top spies



A SECRET army of 1,000 Russian agents is spying in the UK, intelligence chiefs say.

They are embedded in high levels of government, school staff rooms, universities and hospitals.


Colonel Philip Ingram says the number of Russian spies could top 1,000Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd.

An intelligence source said Russia had “extensive and sophisticated networks” of spies operating in all areas.

The source said, “I’m talking about students, unions, protest groups, teachers, Uber drivers, politicians, the civil service and the police.”

Former military intelligence officer Colonel Philip Ingram said: ‘The number involved could easily exceed 1,000.

Russian intelligence teams have networks all over the UK.

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“They’re using old skills compromising people, infiltrating organizations.”

The Home Office said: ‘The actions of the Russian state pose an acute and direct threat to the national security of the UK.

“We have made tremendous progress in increasing our resilience and that of our allies against Russian malicious activity.

“Until Putin’s government ceases its destabilizing activity, we will defend against the full range of threats emanating from Russia against those who seek to threaten our values, harm our citizens and undermine our collective security.

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“The National Security Bill – introduced in Parliament in May this year – completely overhauls and updates our espionage laws and proposes a whole range of measures to enable our law enforcement and our intelligence services to deter, detect and disrupt all modern state threats.”

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